4th Term Change to 4th Period

By Vicki Moesinger

This year, in my 4th Period classes, the Girls School loomed hats for a humanitarian organization and the Boys School had a content reading class.

We were going to start making blankets during 2nd Semester in our Humanitarian class, but the girls have loved looming so much that we decided to stick with making hats. So far, we have loomed over 40 hats and will have more by the time we take them to Lifting Hands International at the end of May. The girls have loved contributing to help the needy around the world.  A comment was made that there is so much need and we have only made just a few hats.  We then talked about how we are helping 40+ people stay a little warmer.  And how we can’t do it all but we can help one person at a time.  And each one of those individuals matter.

During 1st Semester at the Boys School, we worked on reading strategies that aid in understanding content while they read.  Third term, as a class we started reading Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli using the reading strategies we had learned during 1st Semester.  The boys have loved reading Star Girl, and each week they were excited to see what was coming up.  It has been a fun class.

Starting 4th Term, the Fine Arts Class has been moved into the 4th Period slot in the daytime curriculum.  The students love the Fine Arts Class with Holly Hill as their teacher.

We are able to continue the Humanitarian & Content Reading classes on occasional Fridays.  The students look forward to those days and we are still moving forward to serve and learn.

These classes have been a great experience that, I feel, have benefited the students. It is a good thing to be a part of in helping these students grow.

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