New Education Director!

MaryLynn Hingano has loved working at Maple Lake Academy for the last two and a half years, both as an English teacher and as Education Director. We wish her well in her future endeavors with graduate school!

As part of her exit, she decided to interview the new Educational Director, Glenn Thomas…

MaryLynn: First question, how did you get started in education?

Glenn: It’s a family tradition to be an educator. There are nine besides me who have worked as a teacher to a superintendent.

MaryLynn: Where did you go to school and what degree did you get?

Glenn:  I went to the University of Wyoming and received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies and two Master’s degrees. One in Education Administration and the other in Special Education.

MaryLynn:  Wow! What is one thing that has impressed you about Maple Lake Academy?

Glenn:   The compassion and desire to help these students from all of the faculty.

MaryLynn: I agree, every day feels like you have made an impact. That is one thing I will miss greatly about this place. You have been here for two weeks, what has been the biggest transition or challenge thus far?

Glenn: Paperwork!!!!

MaryLynn:  I agree once again! What do you hope to bring to Maple Lake as the Education Director?

Glenn: Something that I have always been passionate about is making sure that every student has all of their accommodations! I have seen those neglected in other educational settings I have worked in and I want to help the students with their educational and emotional well being in the classroom.

MaryLynn: Wonderful, we are glad to have you. Last question! What do you like to do for fun?

Glenn:  I like to play with my kids. We do a lot of stuff from Lagoon season passes, Nickel arcades, camping and traveling. And my favorite part, take my wife on a weekly date.

MaryLynn: Well, once you get passed all of the paperwork, Maple Lake will be one of the funnest parts of your day. Welcome Glenn!



It Was Great to See You!

A BIG thank you to everyone who came out for Parent Weekend and to the Fine Arts shows. It was wonderful to see the conversation, the support and the parental enthusiasm over awards and the students’ hard work displayed.


This past week, both schools were able to go to the Family History Center in Salt Lake City. They were able to find distant ancestors, famous relatives and even found that some students were related to staff! The guides at the Center remarked that the boys’ school was the most well behaved youth group they had ever had! Thank you again for setting those accounts up. We are excited for our writing projects coming up.

A few items of business:

  • We have updated our “About Us” section with all of the Education Department’s emails, so you can have more personal communication with the teachers. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response as our teachers are busy sculpting minds and grading towers of homework! We hope that this will be a helpful tool to a more transparent and open communication.
  • The Academic Calendar has also been updated to accommodate the new Parent Weekend dates in 2019! So, take a look and download a copy for yourself. It is very helpful and important that home passes be coordinated with the break schedule for school, as to help our students be successful and not fall behind, as it is sometimes hard and overwhelming for them when such occasions occur.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Until then enjoy this recap of our year at           Maple Lake Academy.



Off and Rollin’

It has been a busy term! From poetry, robotics, Tic-Tac-Toe speed racing, building bridges in science that are unbreakable! The students at Maple Lake Academy are working hard.

Here’s what we’re working on in school:

English – Students are currently working on Poetry Projects from writing their own to sharing them with others. Out of a list of 15 options, they get to choose if they write a poem about their families, share a poem with the community, stand on a chair and recite it to the house and many other challenges that pushes them out of their element. It’s proving to be both academically and personally challenging as they try to write their own voice into verse.

Math– Students are just buzzing away at their numeric calculations. Jeff is a wizard at using the smart boards and making the classes visually stimulating as they learn graphs, functions and breaking down algebraic equations. I sat in on a class last week and was blown away at how much I had forgotten but had a classroom of teens willing to “school” me on what I was missing.

Social Studies– This term we started World Civilizations and the students are creating 3D projects of what Mesopotamia looked like from agriculture, economy and language. When I visited their class, they all spouted off the different key elements of what makes a civilization. I was once again “schooled” but this time in unison!

Science– There are so many hands on activities that happen in science. Recently, the students had the opportunity to dissect a cow eye ball after learning the make up of it. In other classes, they are building indestructible bridges and working on their ECO challenge projects for Thanksgiving Point’s annual competition. The students are working on making clothing out of recyclable items, designing t-shirts about awareness of endangered species and writing songs about the earth. The ECO challenge is April 12! Wish them luck!

Student Government–  The students just had re-elections. Some won for their second term while new candidates filled their leadership positions. The class focuses on building attributes that make up a leader and then they practice those skills as they work as a group to bring about a term project that unifies both the classroom and community.

Robotics– The focus of this term’s class is working as a group to create different challenges. Last week they had to make a crane. It was fun to watch them congregate together and throw ideas out where they were then discussed to make their robot come to life.

PE– Physical Education! It has been revamped and restructured to incorporate a more rigorous workout as well as learning opportunities for applicable health. At first, there were a lot of complaints. “I’m so sore from all of the squats!” “I can’t stand the health portion! Why, MaryLynn, why?!” Our teachers and therapists have even joined in on some of the exercises!

Overall, great things are happening in school. We are seeing less students with missing assignments. They are working hard and trying their best to improve not only their work ethic but their overall skills when it comes to thinking deeply, managing anxiety specifically with assignments and deadlines and advocating for help.

We are impressed with our students and look forward to finishing off the term strong.


Spirit Week

“It’s Time to Show Your Spirit!”

This past term Maple Lake Academy planned and participated in their own Spirit Weeks through their individual Student Government classes.

This term we introduced a brand new class to Maple Lake Academy, Student Government. This class focuses on building leadership skill through planning and executing group projects geared toward building unity and comradery within their class and community.

Each school chose to do a Spirit Week with a large event at the end. The Boys School Spirit Week included celebrating Culture, Fantasy, Star Wars and ended with a BBQ/Carnival finale with an ice cream eating contest and all!

As impressive as it was to witness their abilities to inhale chocolate syrup and ice cream, what was more impressive was their ability to prepare for the week. As a group, they organized their budget, presented it to Team to get approval and even shopped within that budget! The boys wowed Team with their professionalism when they sought approval for their activity and budget. They were well rehearsed, shared speaking portions and accepted feedback like champions!

The Girls School Spirit Week included Pajamas, Glam!, Hometown Celebration and Twin Day. We had tours during the week and impressed Ed Consultants with how spirited our staff and students were. One was even jealous they hadn’t brought their own PJ’s!

Their large event of Spirit Week was a Homecoming Night! The girls planned a budget but upon presenting to Team, realized that they had overshot their budget by a mile! However, instead of forfeiting the night and giving up, the girls were presented with an opportunity to work for the money. They decided to earn the rest of the money by picking apples in Shelley’s orchard. After bushels of apples, ladders and mud, they were able to save Homecoming night!

The night of, the School and RT combined to teach the girl’s about skincare, hair styling and make up tutorials before they glammed up for dinner at Guru’s Cafe and Wonder Woman!

The night was a blast! The ladies donned corsages and posed for many many pictures!

All in all, both schools did a wonderful job at creating activities that offered opportunity for unity and closer friendships. They had to work in groups, deal with different perspectives and pull their weight with help from excellent teachers and staff for both Spirit Weeks to be a success. We are proud of them and look forward to more opportunities where our students continue to step up and take the lead.


Parent Survey

We want to hear from you!

In efforts to improve and understand your experience with the Education Department at Maple Lake Academy, we invite you to take this brief survey and let us know your thoughts.

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We appreciate your time and your efforts in helping make this program as successful as it can be for the benefit of your student and future students.



Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Here at Maple Lake Academy, we hear many things throughout the halls, here are just a few of our most hilarious!

“Do you need some help right now?” “Yes, I dire need help!”

Capture“I have a disturbing feeling that this is what it feels like to go to prom and not want to dance with the person that brought you.”

“But Oprah is terrible and Jodi is not”

“I know it looks like I’m doing nothing, but at a molecular level I’m actually quite busy.”

Completing a word search from MaryLynn, Student A: “This word search has NO rhyme or reason!!” Student B: “That’s women for you.”

“You can’t quit me, I’m like air; you can’t live without me”

“I’m always hungry, I’m in the throngs of puberty”

“My training for therapists would be: ‘emotions are the worst, but sometimes you have to listen to people talk about them’” Capture

“It’s not being rigid if you’re right, Stephen!”

Group of boys huddled, snickering near a whiteboard with a marker in hand: “Hahaha Revenge!” “No! Stop! The joke’s not insulting if it’s spelled wrong, then it’s just stupid!”

We adore our students here at Maple Lake. They keep us laughing.