Course Descriptions

Student Government

This class will focus on the seven levels of leadership. Students will apply each one by working as a class to accomplish a specific goal or event to increase unity and democracy within the school and communal environments. The objectives of this class are to help students to work together in harmony, resolve conflict or differing opinions, help others within the community and other classes and apply leadership skills as a student to prepare for individual success.


The first instructional course in a sequence that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to lay out and shape stock; assemble projects; saw and sand projects; and stresses the safe use a variety of hand and power tools and machinery. Recommended projects would be anything that would allow students to incorporate all joints and tools e.g. a nightstand.


This class is an extension of Maple Lake Academy’s Equine Therapy Program and is a form of experiential therapy that involves interactions between students and horses. Activities include grooming, feeding, haltering and leading a horse that are supervised with the support of a horse professional. The goal of the student is to develop needed skills and attributes, such as accountability, responsibility, self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and self-control. This class provides a unique way in which the student and teacher/therapist can identify and address a range of emotional and behavioral challenges along with learning basic horse skills such as: saddling, mounting, walking and jogging a horse.