Trout Service Project

 Trout Service Project

The students of Maple Lake Academy for Boys have started a service project that involves them learning about the trout fisheries. There are two sides to this project. The first side is the recreation therapy side which has them learning more about the fish and how to take care of them, while the academic side under the direction of our science teacher McKay has them learning about the scientific method, data collection, analysis, ecosystems, and the evolution of trout. The goal of the academic side is for the students to gain a better understanding of what the scientific process is and how it plays a vital role in maintaining vital ecosystems through sustainable fisheries.  One of the boys said “It is interesting and fun to learn about how to take care of the fish and how to clean the tank.”

At the end of the Trout Service Project the girls will be analyzing the data that the boys gather. They will run the same statistical analysis to see if the experiment matches. The importance of the project will be to show the value in data analysis and why it is important in the sciences to compile and analyze datasets. 

The take away the students will gain from this project will be the better understanding of the scientific process, and a better understanding of how scientific studies are carried out by scientists. 

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