Teachers are More Than Teachers at MLA

If our social studies teacher looks happy, it is because he is. Last week he completed Van Training along with other teachers. Being a teacher at Maple Lake Academy is more than just writing lesson plans and grading papers. Teachers are part of the larger MLA community and participate in training like all employees. One of our best assets at Maple Lake is our people. Training is essential to maintaining standards, continuity, and safety for all. “Dedicated training and development foster employee engagement and a more efficient, competitive, and engaged workforce are critical to your company’s performance.” (Ottawa University, 2021)

Employees that engage in high-quality training are empowered and therefore invest in the culture of the community. Solid training fosters leadership and builds respect and trust among co-workers. At MLA, training and accountability are essential parts of what we do. We participate in training to better serve our students in areas of safety, social-emotional awareness, and increased academic performance to name a few. Training also allows employees to manage tasks as individuals and as part of a team.

We value our teachers and appreciate all their efforts in and out of the classroom. You can be confident that all of our teachers go the extra mile to ensure our students are successful.

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