Strawberry DNA

We have been doing great things in science! The lab we most recently did in Biology is checking out Strawberry DNA! Here are some pictures of the students obtaining the strawberry DNA.

First the students had to make a solution with the following materials.

We started with mashing up the strawberry in a bag and then dumping the contents into the coffee filter to strain out all the chunks.

Once that material had been separated, we added the rubbing alcohol and the Strawberry DNA Appeared! The white stuff hanging from the craft stick.

The students had a great time extracting the DNA from the strawberries.

Parent-Teacher Conferences April 24, 2020

Dear Parents, emails were sent out on April 15th to sign up for a time to attend our online parent conference. We appreciate your attendance and flexibility as we continue to work together. If you did not receive an email, please contact our Education Department.

We love these times when our teachers can visit one-on-one with you as we work and serve your children. School rocks!

Thumbs Up and All Smiles

Flexibility is defined as the quality of being able to bend without breaking and that is exactly the feel on campus here at Maple Lake. You cannot see it, but these two faces are actually smiling. As weeks progress and we continue to apply safety as our top priority, those of us on campus have geared up to meet the challenge. Although some of us may look different, the work we do has not changed.

This is also true for the Education Department as students and faculty adjust to the altered format of teaching. We are making it work! For example, our math teacher has implemented a “help chair” for his post lecture. Students are able to use the chair to indicate they need help from the teacher and get a one-on-one guide to completing the math problem while still in class. Our English teacher is effectively using Edmodo, our online resource for uploading assignments and homework, by giving students “real time” feedback on their current projects.

I have to say that we love our supportive staff and how they are an important part of pulling it all together. We could not do this without them. THANK YOU STAFF!

Wonderful Words Win 1st Place

What does it take to be a writer? Well, one of our own can answer that. She has earned the honor of first place for Youth Poetry at the Central Oregon Writer’s Guild 2020 Writing Contest. Her poem, why is it hard to love a poet? will be shared at a showcase later this year. Her English teacher states, “Her poetry is noticeably complex and stylistic. Her words are relentlessly real and revelatory. She is an amazing writer and we are proud of her.”

We can’t have these words all to ourselves and want to share here. Enjoy the read.

why it is hard to love a poet?
it is such a curse
to see the beauty in
everything as long as
it's impersonal
the vulnerability reserved for
the blooming flowers
or the music that moves my
feet into a
pathetic one-two step
being a poet is no more painful
than being human, it's just that i feel
it more.  it feels like a fog-drenched cliff with no
lighthouse in sight
more like a soliloquy that won't stop
no matter how many rotten tomatoes the
front row tosses heavy-handed
i eat until the juice drips down
my face my callused hands ripe and red
and i am still unfulfilled
it is such a curse to see the beauty
in every word, except for the ones
you create
It’s Just Rocket Science.

It’s Just Rocket Science.

Oh man, it’s time to build ROCKETS! *shwoosh* *roar* *pew pew!* The teachers and students have chosen to build rockets as one of the many fun and engaging activities we do at Maple Lake Academy. The plan for our rockets is to build them, note the differences in design, and then launch them to see how the differences in design affect the rocket’s flight! Even though the rockets are still not finished, we have already noticed many differences. Each rocket is unique, just like our students! Some rockets are smooth, some are a little rough, and some only have two fins. No matter what the rocket looks like, we are excited to see how high each of them will go! We plan to keep the blog updated on the status of our rockets until they are finished and ready to launch! Here is a picture of a few current rocket models:

We plan to paint them, put in the engines and parachutes, and launch them very soon! In the meantime we are having a great time being rocket scientists:

Stay tuned for more status updates on our rockets!

You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

This may look like our teachers are hovering over the computer making secret plans but this is no secret. Maple Lake Academy is training teachers to use video conferencing as a format for lessons. In the wake of current world events, the education department is determined to do all they can to keep school in session. Nothing will take the place of having a teacher in the classroom and giving their personal touch to the lessons, but being able to keep the flow of academics going is an important part of what we do at Maple Lake Academy. In fact, these two teachers are piloting video conferencing this week and have worked hard to adapt the curriculum to this format. Math, English, Social Studies and Science will get a new look this Spring as we continue to adapt to our changing world.

Congratulations to one of our own!

Flowers and Lobsters

One of Maple Lake’s own was honored by a local museum by earning the privilege of having her art work displayed to the public for several weeks. The local museum sponsors high school art each year during March as thousands of submissions are reviewed and evaluated for presentation and only a fraction are placed on display.

This social statement of incorporating water creatures to a bouquet of flowers comes from the student’s home town and the over use of lobsters in the local artwork. Her color choices reflect a trend toward warm and cool colors representing the vacillating ideas reflected in the piece.

Congratulations student Liz!

Choices and Change

One of our students at the Boy’s School created a claymation video for his Success Assignment last semester. We thought it was really cool. So cool that we’re posting it here for your viewing pleasure. When asked about what led him to claymation, He said, “It was something I had done in the past, and I thought it was really fun. I wanted to do it again”. This video is a representation of this student coming out of his shell and learning to trust himself and others. What a brave soul. We sure like this video, and we think that you will too!

A New Era

Thank you to all the parents that were able to make it out for Parent’s Weekend.  The boys had a wonderful time!  It was a special week!

Parent weekend was not the only thing that made last week special.  Last week, our new Education Director showed up on the scene.  Enter Jolyn Mitchell.

Jolyn Mitchell has been an educator since 1999 as a classroom teacher, teacher mentor and child advocate.   Her experience in working with students of all backgrounds has fostered a love for the learning process and a student-centered approach to education.  She has a BS in elementary education, an MS in curriculum and instruction as well as an Ed S. in administration and supervision from Tennessee State University in Nashville.  She has experience in public and private education and has served her school communities in many ways; such as athletic director, emergency response team, mentoring programs and more.  She loves hiking, skiing, biking and reading.  Jolyn is a mother of 5 children and 15 grandchildren.

Maple Lake Academy is delighted to welcome such a wonderful person to our team.  Academics are an important part of our process here at MLA.  You can rest assured that Jolyn will do everything she can to help your student reach their full potential.

Welcome aboard Jo!

New Teacher’s Assistant

Heartfelt Goodbye

Maple Lake Academy has said goodbye to our amazing Donna Breckenridge, as she heads north of the boarder to serve an LDS mission in Montreal, Canada.  Donna has been our faithful Teacher’s Assistant for the past two years.  Thank you for all of your hard work Donna!  We will miss you!

Enthusiastic Hello!

We are excited to announce our new Teacher’s Assistant who is learning to fill Donna’s shoes.  His name is Regan Whimpey.  Regan graduated from UVU with a Bachelor Degree in Theatre Performance with an emphasis in Directing.  He is currently working on his Secondary Teaching license in Theatre & Social Studies, as well as a Master in Teaching the Arts from Idaho State University.  Regan comes to us from American Preparatory Academy.  He is also heavily involved in Theatre in the Utah community, appearing in and directing many shows throughout Utah.  He has also taught Acting 101 at the Hale Center Theater from 2013 – 2018.



“I live for teaching.  There is no greater feeling in the world than seeing a student succeed at something that is really difficult for them.  I love that.  I love that I get to see that change within the student. Every time the student wins, I win. I’m extremely excited to get to know each student, and to help them succeed academically.  The goal is for them to thrive in life once they finish this program.  I believe in that goal wholeheartedly.  I am dedicated to helping your student reach their full potential academically.”  

 – Regan Whimpey

So What Does The TA Do For Your Student?

Our TA is responsible for proctoring tests, working one-on-one with your student on any academic principle that your student needs to work on.  The TA substitute teaches when need as well.  The most important part of the TA’s responsibilities is the one-on-one tutoring and academic mentoring that they provide the student.