Lights, Camera, Action!

Teacher Kolton Instructing Students
Maple Lake is excited to be offering Theater Arts Classes to our students this term.  We actually began classes at the beginning of Term 3 and the students are having loads of fun!           

Our new teacher is Kolton Michalek.  He has been involved in many theatrical productions, and he discovered his love of theater when he was in high school.  He will be graduating with his MA in theater at the end of this year.  Kolton is also married with three young children and has a tremendous ability to relate to our young people.         

During Term 3, students learned about Stage Directions, Character Analysis, Theater Etiquette, etc. Throughout the term, the students rehearsed individual/group performances which ranged from vocal performances to piano pieces, to scenes from plays. The students were able to perform at the end of Term 3 for a final grade.          

Currently, Term 4 is dedicated to learning about Musical Theater.  The students at both campuses are learning simple choreography, and actually learned a dance routine to a song from the musical, “Aladdin”.   Make sure to ask your child to show you the dance they learned!         

As the students continue to learn to express themselves through music, speech, song, dance, and staging, they will be working on special performances to be shared at our upcoming Parent Weekend (Girls-June 15 & 16,  Boys-June 22 & 23).  We’re looking forward to showing off some amazing talent!
Practicing the Aladdin Dance

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