Studying Careers At School

Spring is an exciting time for Maple Lake Academy as well as finding out about fun careers. In English class, we have been writing expository essays that meet the 9th Edition Modern Language Association essay format. Writing and following the MLA format is no easy task, but we took it step by step. We do not strive for perfection, but we do push for the best efforts of the students. To begin the student-driven process, students listed 3-4 careers of interest to them. Only two of their favorite careers were researched and written on. These essays required in-text citation, a work cited, and COPS reviews (Capitalization, Organization, Punctuation, Spelling). It’s amazing how students can be creative with their posters, presentations, and Power points. Their insight into future possibilities was expanded through this unit.

Some of the careers that were studied include the following: Quality Assurance Tester, Chef, Video Game Designer, Marine Ecology, Fashion Designer, Musician, Theater Acting, Graphic Designer, and much more!

Ask your student about the career they explored.  At Maple Lake, we have career testing for our upperclassmen. It is a great program that matches student abilities with promising careers.  Ask our department for more information.

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