Parent Weekend at MLA

Student Portfolios

We love to share the students’ work with you when you come to visit.  As parent weekend approaches, our teachers gather work from the students to share with you as parents.  The students are encouraged to choose 2 assignments from each of their classes that they feel reflect their best work.  They are also asked to share why they were successful on each of these assignments.  In addition to the assignments, students have the opportunity to rate their performance in class. Teachers also rate each of their student’s success in class, and it’s fun to see how the ratings match up between students and teachers.  They are typically right on the same page.  These teachers know their students well!

Getting Specific

Helping these sweet kids is our greatest joy and we love being a part of their growth and progression.  As such, we meet every week as an education department to discuss each student’s progress, successes, needs, and more.  We talk about how they are doing in each class, where they are excelling, where they are working on improving, and how we can best support them.  We talk about specific assignments, specific struggles, and plans for improvement.  Students collaborate with their teacher mentor and their student mentor to make weekly goals and track progress.

Meeting with Teachers

Our teachers love meeting with parents to talk about these amazing kids, so this is the highlight of the week for us!  It’s a joy getting to talk to you as parents and share our love for your kids.  We are so proud of them and love seeing the amazing progress they are making every day. Each teacher has the opportunity to meet with their student’s parents twice each school year and it is a positive and valuable experience for us to get to talk with you as parents and share with you how great these kids are doing in school and how hard they work.   

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