Tentacle Beast!

The 50th Annual Springville High School Art Show returns and one of our own will be featured in this year’s event. Each year the Springville, Utah local art museum requests submissions of local high school-age (grades 11-12) artists to submit their creative work. This year only 30% of the submissions were accepted into the show that will be on display from February 5, 2022, through March 25, 2022. This Maple Lake Student, working with pen and ink, became eligible under the following conditions; an original work developed from personal experience, imagination, or direct observation. The artist states that his inspiration came from Lovecraftian Horror, a genre that began in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s that emphasized the unknowable and incomprehensible.

This juried exhibition will have 12 experienced judges that are familiar with high school art in various mediums to judge and select award winners. Many of our students at Maple Lake Academy do creative and inspiring work. We congratulate this young student on his piece and earning a spot in the upcoming art show. Way to go!

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