“Tis the Season

This time of year has a hustle and bustle to it that does not compare to any other time of year. Here at Maple Lake Academy, we embrace the warmth of the season with fun activities, decorations and earned passes for students and families. Passes originate with the clinical department and provide an opportunity for students to practice their skills and continue to do the good work they are engaged in. Going on pass during school days is also an opportunity for growth.

If your child is off campus for more than a couple of days of school, the education department will send an email with information to assist you and the student with schoolwork. This includes our computer policy and log on information for your child. All Maple Lake rules and policies continue to be applied to the off campus school days. Each student will need a computer and internet access to complete the work assigned by teachers. Most, if not all, assignments will be accessible online for off-campus passes.

You may always refer to the school calendar which is found at the top of this blog for the dates that school is not in session. Maple Lake Academy is an ESY school (Extended School Year). We offer five terms, (9) weeks each, that allow students to continue their school program and minimize the loss of skills. It is not summer school but a strong and rigorous academic program that supports executive functioning, deepens concept knowledge and promotes scholary attitudes. The education department wishes all of you a warm and safe season!

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