Introducing Our New Social Studies Teacher – Stacey Medley

Stacey Medley

Welcome to our newest addition to the Education department, Stacey Medley. Stacey graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Sociology and a minor in German language. Stacey is currently pursuing her Master of Education with Colorado State University. Stacey has worked at Maple Lake Academy since 2017, having started as a residential staff and moving up to become the residential director over the girl’s school. Stacey left for a short while to focus on her master’s degree and pursue other work experience at Center For Change. Stacey was overjoyed to return to Maple Lake Academy as the social studies teacher and is thrilled to be starting her teaching career in such a wonderful and supportive environment.

Stacey enjoys working with students who have unique and induvial needs. Stacey’s approach to teaching is to help students love learning and feel successful, no matter their past success in school. Stacey aims to boost the confidence of her students and help them realize that no matter the subject matter, educational growth is both important and possible for every single individual to achieve. 

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