Soaring High at Maple Lake Academy

May 7th gave us 8 mph winds; perfect for kite flying. Each student received their own kite kit with no strings attached! The kit contained materials to build a sled kite. Our kits included a plastic bag for the sail, two dowels of worked wood to make up the spines, cotton twine and a large popsicle stick for the line and handle, and lastly a bit of ribbon to make up the tail.

We helped the students take measurements to make sure the kites we properly balanced. After the kites were marked and measured, we cut them into the appropriate shape. We then cut the twine and wrapped it around the popsicle sticks to make our handles. Lastly the students decorated their creations with marker. Each kite was different and unique, just like our students! Everyday the students soar to new heights, only this time, they were using their new kites!

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