Humanitarian Class Project

It has been such a fun semester in our Humanitarian Class. We have 2 classes – a Monday class and a Wednesday class. The students are divided into 2 groups and each group meets one of these days. When we first started, we sat down and made a list of the projects we would like to accomplish this year. The ideas came totally from the students. Some of the most popular ideas were to make school kits, tie blankets/quilts and loom hats. So, this semester, we have been looming winter hats. We will deliver the hats to Lifting Hands International, the organization we work with, to share with refugees and others in need around the world. So far, we have completed/nearly completed 15 winter hats and 3 winter scarfs.

Each day when students come into class, they are handed a loom and they start working. Some have needed to be taught how to loom. Others knew a bit and needed a refresher. We work on these projects as a team. So, no one hat is “my hat” or “I made this hat”, but they are all “our” hats. We are a team making things to serve those who have needs we can help fill. The students are loving this experience. We socialize, listen to soft music and work in a fun, peaceful atmosphere where we are able to create for good.

Next semester, we want to work on blankets/quilts and school kits. To complete these projects we will be asking for donations. After the first of the year, I will be sending an email to the parents of students at the Girls School. It will contain a list of suggested materials to make school kits and blankets given to us by Lifting Hands International. Please watch for our email and consider any items you could possible donate to help us reach our goals.

Thank you so very much. It is a delight to work with your students.

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