A Call to Help Others

Something new and exciting is happening at the girls school this year. A new class called Humanitarian Processes was instigated by the warming hearts of our students. The class is facilitated by our Social Studies teacher and promises to be a highlight of the year. The course is described as students participating in planning, gathering materials, creating and distributing Humanitarian supplies. It helps students to understand human relationships, career and workforce preparation, decision-making and communication skills, self-awareness and individual responsibility.

Vicki, the teacher states, “We continue to work with Lifting Hands International, a local organization that services refugees around the world in countries such as Greece, Jordan, the U.S. Southern borders and other places. The girls are happy and enjoying it.” Presently, the students are looming hats and scarfs for winter and would love any and all donations of yarn.

Vicki continues by saying, “This is truly a team effort as I have different girls in different classes and none of the projects are ‘mine’ meaning they all work on whatever loom is available that day. I am so grateful to be part of this with them,”

A letter will be forthcoming to request donations that will help carry the work forward. The girls truly get excited to create and give. As we evaluate the success of this program, we look to the future to include the boys campus as well.

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