New Teacher’s Assistant

Heartfelt Goodbye

Maple Lake Academy has said goodbye to our amazing Donna Breckenridge, as she heads north of the boarder to serve an LDS mission in Montreal, Canada.  Donna has been our faithful Teacher’s Assistant for the past two years.  Thank you for all of your hard work Donna!  We will miss you!

Enthusiastic Hello!

We are excited to announce our new Teacher’s Assistant who is learning to fill Donna’s shoes.  His name is Regan Whimpey.  Regan graduated from UVU with a Bachelor Degree in Theatre Performance with an emphasis in Directing.  He is currently working on his Secondary Teaching license in Theatre & Social Studies, as well as a Master in Teaching the Arts from Idaho State University.  Regan comes to us from American Preparatory Academy.  He is also heavily involved in Theatre in the Utah community, appearing in and directing many shows throughout Utah.  He has also taught Acting 101 at the Hale Center Theater from 2013 – 2018.



“I live for teaching.  There is no greater feeling in the world than seeing a student succeed at something that is really difficult for them.  I love that.  I love that I get to see that change within the student. Every time the student wins, I win. I’m extremely excited to get to know each student, and to help them succeed academically.  The goal is for them to thrive in life once they finish this program.  I believe in that goal wholeheartedly.  I am dedicated to helping your student reach their full potential academically.”  

 – Regan Whimpey

So What Does The TA Do For Your Student?

Our TA is responsible for proctoring tests, working one-on-one with your student on any academic principle that your student needs to work on.  The TA substitute teaches when need as well.  The most important part of the TA’s responsibilities is the one-on-one tutoring and academic mentoring that they provide the student.


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