New Education Director!

MaryLynn Hingano has loved working at Maple Lake Academy for the last two and a half years, both as an English teacher and as Education Director. We wish her well in her future endeavors with graduate school!

As part of her exit, she decided to interview the new Educational Director, Glenn Thomas…

MaryLynn: First question, how did you get started in education?

Glenn: It’s a family tradition to be an educator. There are nine besides me who have worked as a teacher to a superintendent.

MaryLynn: Where did you go to school and what degree did you get?

Glenn:  I went to the University of Wyoming and received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies and two Master’s degrees. One in Education Administration and the other in Special Education.

MaryLynn:  Wow! What is one thing that has impressed you about Maple Lake Academy?

Glenn:   The compassion and desire to help these students from all of the faculty.

MaryLynn: I agree, every day feels like you have made an impact. That is one thing I will miss greatly about this place. You have been here for two weeks, what has been the biggest transition or challenge thus far?

Glenn: Paperwork!!!!

MaryLynn:  I agree once again! What do you hope to bring to Maple Lake as the Education Director?

Glenn: Something that I have always been passionate about is making sure that every student has all of their accommodations! I have seen those neglected in other educational settings I have worked in and I want to help the students with their educational and emotional well being in the classroom.

MaryLynn: Wonderful, we are glad to have you. Last question! What do you like to do for fun?

Glenn:  I like to play with my kids. We do a lot of stuff from Lagoon season passes, Nickel arcades, camping and traveling. And my favorite part, take my wife on a weekly date.

MaryLynn: Well, once you get passed all of the paperwork, Maple Lake will be one of the funnest parts of your day. Welcome Glenn!



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