Spirit Week

“It’s Time to Show Your Spirit!”

This past term Maple Lake Academy planned and participated in their own Spirit Weeks through their individual Student Government classes.

This term we introduced a brand new class to Maple Lake Academy, Student Government. This class focuses on building leadership skill through planning and executing group projects geared toward building unity and comradery within their class and community.

Each school chose to do a Spirit Week with a large event at the end. The Boys School Spirit Week included celebrating Culture, Fantasy, Star Wars and ended with a BBQ/Carnival finale with an ice cream eating contest and all!

As impressive as it was to witness their abilities to inhale chocolate syrup and ice cream, what was more impressive was their ability to prepare for the week. As a group, they organized their budget, presented it to Team to get approval and even shopped within that budget! The boys wowed Team with their professionalism when they sought approval for their activity and budget. They were well rehearsed, shared speaking portions and accepted feedback like champions!

The Girls School Spirit Week included Pajamas, Glam!, Hometown Celebration and Twin Day. We had tours during the week and impressed Ed Consultants with how spirited our staff and students were. One was even jealous they hadn’t brought their own PJ’s!

Their large event of Spirit Week was a Homecoming Night! The girls planned a budget but upon presenting to Team, realized that they had overshot their budget by a mile! However, instead of forfeiting the night and giving up, the girls were presented with an opportunity to work for the money. They decided to earn the rest of the money by picking apples in Shelley’s orchard. After bushels of apples, ladders and mud, they were able to save Homecoming night!

The night of, the School and RT combined to teach the girl’s about skincare, hair styling and make up tutorials before they glammed up for dinner at Guru’s Cafe and Wonder Woman!

The night was a blast! The ladies donned corsages and posed for many many pictures!

All in all, both schools did a wonderful job at creating activities that offered opportunity for unity and closer friendships. They had to work in groups, deal with different perspectives and pull their weight with help from excellent teachers and staff for both Spirit Weeks to be a success. We are proud of them and look forward to more opportunities where our students continue to step up and take the lead.


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