News Flash!

A lot has been going on here at Maple Lake Academy! From long days with RT to class field trips and fun project assignments.

Two field trips this year have been to a Teen Author Boot Camp and our annual Eco Challenge at Thanksgiving Point.

The Teen Author Boot Camp was a day long youth conference where over 1,000 teen writers came to receive training from the best writers out there. We went to five workshops that focused on how to write an action packed scene, how to create character depth, taking risks as an author, had lunch and met professional authors.

During our annual Eco Challenge with Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, our students competed in different events from creating designer clothes and accessories with recycled items, wrote songs about the environment, drew and painted pictures about pollution and endangered species and wrote and acted out a skit they had written about being good to our earth. During our break, we walked around the beautiful tulip fields which are a local highlight at Thanksgiving Point.

During the summer, we have enjoyed weekly trips with the Recreational Therapy group and look forward to the new term’s school year and the projects and trips it will bring. Until then! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Students enjoying the summer day researching for their Children’s Book project.


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