Innovations At The Girls School


All students at the Girls School at Maple Lake completed an Innovations project this past summer. Each girl was able to choose a topic that they had interest in and then researched that topic in depth.

Horse2.JPGAt the end of the summer, aHorse2.JPGHorse2.JPGll of the girls presented their findings to the school. Each Horse2.JPGpresentation lasted at least ten minutes and several lasted longer.

Each girl did a great job in communicating what they had learned during the summer. Several subjects were covered during the student presentations.


cake+.JPGThese subjects included: Espionage, Vet Science, Egyptology, Music Therapy, Snakes, Types of Riding Styles on Horses, Becoming A Doctor, Decorating Cakes, History of Soccer, and many other topics.


Story Board.JPG


Students could use a variety of delivery methods. This picture is a story board that a student created. Many students used a power point or prezi but other students had creative ways that they shared their topic with the school.

Snake Box.JPG

 One student had a box, and on each side of the box were several facts about snakes.


Other students used You Tube Videos to help them illustrate their presentation.IMG_2821.JPG










Innovations Girls.JPG

Overall, the quality of the presentations were very high and well done. The teachers and Ed. Director were very proud of the girls and the efforts that they gave in presenting these projects.

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