Maple Lake Snowmobiling Trip

Last Thursday and Friday Maple Lake took the students on a snowmobiling trip. The boys school went on Thursday and the Girls School went on Friday.

Snowmobile Girls 1

Maple Lake Staff drove the snowmobiles and gave every student a chance to ride for around an hour.

Boys Snowmobile 1

Since this was an outdoor activity and all day, the school provided snacks and a hot lunch for the students.

Boys Snowmobile 2

It was also quite cold so everyone dressed in warm snow clothes. And for safety, everyone wore helmets while on the snowmobile.

Snowmobile Girls 2

While they waited, other students built snow sculptures or just played around in the snow.

Boys Snowmobile 3

Even though it was cold, it was a beautiful sunny day out in the mountains. This is the type of winter weather that Utah is famous for.

Girls Snowmobile 3

In addition to building stuff. The students had different kinds of races and snow activities.

Overall, it was a very successful day for both schools.



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