The New School Year Has Started!

School for both the girls and boys locations began on Monday, August 24. All students have received a schedule of what classes they are taking. These classes were determined by what each student needs to graduate from high school. Or if they are younger, which courses national standards require for that particular grade.

We have had new students join our school in the past few days and they will be given their schedule upon arrival at the school. The Educational Director met with students at both schools as a group. The purpose of the meeting was to motivate students about their educational and career prospects and also teach them how to become successful through using Vital Behaviors and Executive Functioning skills.

Students learned that education was the golden ticket to a better life. They learned that the more education they obtained and the more certifications and skills they mastered; the more opportunities for success they would have. In today’s world, it is important to have several skills that students can fall back on.

Students will be evaluated on a regular basis on the Vital Behaviors and Executive Functioning skills. Students will be given feedback by teachers and staff on the Vital Behaviors and Executive Functions and suggestions will be given on how they can improve each skill.

A list of Vital Behaviors and Executive Functioning Skills is provided below:


One thought on “The New School Year Has Started!

  1. I absolutely *love* this Vital Behaviors & Executive Functioning Skills list! It’s comprehensive and I can’t wait to see how Sierra (CC) learns from this. Great concept!


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